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Obsesie muzicală

Posted by on Sunday, 5 April, 2009

Sunt o obsedată, da, recunosc!… De două zile mă obsedează o melodie… am ascultat-o de 50 de ori, am învăţat-o pe dinafară… Sper să vă placă si vouă ;)

Putem să cântăm împreună :)

Mulţumesc Mimi!

Under the blue sky
It’s just you and I
And I wonder why
I can’t be with
Anyone else but you

Is it something in your eyes
Or your innocent lies
That makes me feel like I’m lost here
I’m wandering around in total disguise

It was extraordinary
And for one too many
I loved you sevdim seni
Sen de sev beni , sev beni

Since you could make me smile
Then you could stop the world for a while
Sometimes you make me cry
Then you give me wings and make me fly

na,nananan.oh,oh (3)
i hope is true
and i’m with you.
we go on trip.
i will never be through
whatever you do,tell me you feel the same way too